InceptionLRT Monthly Highlights - May 2024

May 31, 2024
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May was an eventful month for us, packed with exciting new developments, integrations, campaigns, and the release of InceptionLRT v2.

As we continue to tweak and improve the updated version of our protocol, the first-ever liquid restaking SuperdApp, we are journeying towards a healthier and more cohesive Restaking landscape.

Follow our journey closely by staying up to date with every milestone achieved: here is a recap of all the major developments during the month of May.

May Milestones

- Inception & Genesis Merger

To kick things off, May was marked by the merger of InceptionLRT and GenesisLRT, giving birth to a unified and even more powerful protocol: InceptionLRT v2!


This merger represents a significant leap forward in our journey, offering a simplified user experience and improved features. We became the first, and now one of the few protocols that offer both native and isolated restaking.

- The Inception Bridge

May was also marked by the launch of the InceptionLRT bridge, opening doors for multi-chain adoption. The bridge allows users to transfer assets securely and efficiently between different blockchains, such as: Mode, Linea, Blast, BNB Chain, and Optimism.

To ensure maximum security, the bridge underwent rigorous audits by industry-leading firms.

unnamed.png (Source)

Check out the details of the bridge and the audits in our posts:

Bridge -> Bridging Defi with InceptionLRT’s Omnichain Solution

Bridge Audits -> InceptionLRT Bridge Cleared by Top Security Audits

- Ambassador Program

We're excited to announce the launch of the InceptionLRT Ambassador Program! This initiative aims to expand our global network and empower community members passionate about sharing the vision of InceptionLRT.

To learn more about how to become an ambassador and contribute to the growth of the protocol, visit:

- Intract Omnichain Campaign

May was a month of multi-chain expansion for InceptionLRT! We launched the Inception Omnichain campaign, with the goal of incentivizing the use of our protocol on various chains, including:

  • Mode - We joined Mode’s Season 2 Airdrop Campaign, offering our users exciting rewards and engagement opportunities.
  • Linea - Partnering with Linea for The Surge Campaign enabled us to expand our reach and bring more value to our users.

Each chain has specific quests for users to complete, and the reward will be in the form of Intract XP, which will be later converted into Totems. To participate in the Inception Omnichain Campaign and start earning XP, visit:

-> Inception Omnichain Campaign

We plan to organize several other Intract quests for prominent blockchains such as Blast, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and many more. Stay tuned for further details on our X (Twitter)!


Keep on Growing

As we reflect on a month filled with milestones, we could not be more thankful for our community's unwavering support. With several exciting initiatives in the pipeline, we are more motivated than ever to continue our mission of revolutionizing the Restaking space.

In the meantime, we eagerly welcome you to check out InceptionLRT v2 and explore the full range of our services.

Restake now with InceptionLRT and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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