InceptionLRT Partners with Linea for The Surge

May 16, 2024
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We are excited to announce that InceptionLRT is partnering with Linea for The Surge campaign.

The collaboration aims to engage users with the Linea ecosystem and its unique point system. Here's what you need to know about The Surge and how InceptionLRT is involved.

What is The Surge?

The Surge is an LXP-driven program designed to incentivize users who provide liquidity on the Linea network, participants can earn LXP-L points by doing so. The primary goal is to attract and retain liquidity, supporting new applications and DeFi use cases that ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and vibrant ecosystem.

The campaign is structured into six monthly epochs, referred to as Volts. Each Volt will feature distinct themes, educational content, and partner highlights, making each phase of the campaign a unique experience. Early adopters who have already provided liquidity will receive additional points through an early adopter modifier, rewarding their prior contributions​.

The Surge Point Structure

Participants can earn points through various activities, including:

  • Ecosystem Points: By onboarding assets and engaging with different protocols within Linea.

The Surge campaign values LRTs highly, putting them in a higher-weight category. This makes InceptionLRT a great opportunity to maximize your rewards. By engaging in the The Surge through InceptionLRT, users can earn significant Ecosystem Points and take full advantage of the campaign’s incentives.

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  • Referral Points: By referring new users to participate in the campaign.
  • Veteran Points: For those who have shown consistent involvement and partnership in the past.

Each activity is designed to foster a healthy and diverse ecosystem, ensuring that liquidity is not overly concentrated in a few asset classes.

Security and User Experience

Linea emphasizes the importance of security and user experience. All dapps participating in The Surge must meet stringent security criteria and have been audited by Linea's security partners. Additionally, dapps must satisfy usability standards to ensure a smooth and secure user experience​.

InceptionLRT and Linea's Intract Campaign

In tandem with The Surge, InceptionLRT just launched an Intract quest with Linea. This initiative allows users to earn points with Inception Totems while simultaneously gaining LXP-L points from Linea. This dual-reward system encourages broader participation and offers users multiple incentives for engaging with both platforms.

Participants of the Intract campaign will benefit from the combined rewards, improving their overall experience and increasing their chances of earning substantial rewards from both InceptionLRT and Linea.

For more details, head over to the Linea Intract Quest Page! -> Omnichain Campaign: Linea Quest

How to Participate

Boost your earnings and maximize your rewards by participating in liquidity provision (LP) with Lynex. Here’s how to get started:

  • Deposit Assets: Begin by depositing your inETH or wstETH into Inception
  • Bridge Funds: Transfer your deposited assets to the Linea Network through our Bridge:

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  • Add Liquidity: Provide Liquidity on Lynex to get a return on your position

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Why Participate

  • High Yields: Make substantial returns on your Ethereum holdings
  • LXP-L Points: Earn LXP-L points and improve your positioning in The Surge
  • Totems Boost: Take advantage of a notable 15x Totems boost to increase your rewards.


Don’t miss out on this possibility to grow your holdings and earn more through Linea and InceptionLRT

Get Started Today

Join us in this innovative journey and take advantage of the opportunities presented by InceptionLRT and Linea. To participate in these exciting campaigns, start by setting up your wallet and bridging your funds to the Linea network.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guides on how to maximize your points and rewards. For more information on The Surge visit the Linea documentation.

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