InceptionLRT Bridge Cleared by Top Security Audits

May 29, 2024
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We're excited to announce that our new bridge has undergone rigorous security audits by two leading firms in blockchain security: Halborn and Veridise. The findings from both audit reports confirmed that InceptionLRT’s bridge is secure and ready for use.

Seamless interoperability and scalability are paramount for any blockchain protocol aiming to have an impact on the industry, that is why we have been diligently working to improve our protocol’s interoperability.

Read below to learn more about the audit reports and how you can begin using our bridge to move assets across different networks.

Security Audits

1 - Summary of Halborn's Audit

Halborn conducted a comprehensive security assessment in late April. The audit focused on identifying potential security issues and ensuring the smart contract functionality operates as intended. The main findings included:

  • Zero Critical or High Severity Issues: No critical or high-severity issues were found.

  • Five Low-Severity Issues: These include minor issues such as the lack of checks for zero addresses when adding destinations and possible denial of service under certain conditions.

  • Overall Security: All findings were addressed by the development team, ensuring a robust and secure bridge protocol.

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2 - Summary of Veridise's Audit

Veridise audited the InceptionLRT bridge in early April, focusing on the minting and burning processes during cross-chain transfers. Key highlights from their audit include:

  • Six Issues Identified: One medium-severity issue related to potential double-spending, along with five other lower-severity issues.

  • Comprehensive Review: The audit involved a thorough manual and tool-assisted review, confirming the bridge's adherence to best practices in Solidity coding.

  • Positive Feedback: Veridise praised the clarity and structure of the code, which facilitated an effective security review.

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Bridge Security Assured

Journeying through the different DeFi terrains has become easier thanks to our bridge. We have kept the highest security standards during development, thus enabling our users to confidently transfer assets, knowing they are safe from potential threats.

All issues identified by Halborn and Veridise have been rectified, ensuring that everything is secure and fully operational.

For a more detailed look into both Halborn and Verdise reports, please visit our documentation:

Bridge Audit Reports

Crossing Over to Linea and Mode

Now that we’ve offered a glimpse into the capabilities of our bridge, it’s time to test them out. Start unlocking the potential of your assets on prominent Layer 2 networks such as Mode, Linea, BNB Chain, and several others.

Learn how to move your Inception assets and explore new staking strategies and airdrop opportunities. Visit the official bridge and start your journey.

Stay tuned as the InceptionLRT team keeps on building. For more updates, follow us on Twitter (X).

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