Unveiling InceptionLRT v2: A New Era in Liquid Restaking

May 06, 2024
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Today marks a significant milestone for InceptionLRT as we announce our strategic merger with Genesis, giving rise to InceptionLRT v2.

InceptionLRT v2 is poised to set new standards in the industry as the first Liquid Restaking SuperDapp within the EigenLayer ecosystem. We have combined GenesisLRT’s native liquid restaking with our own isolated liquid restaking capabilities, offering an unparalleled service within the DeFi industry.

Below we will be detailing the most important details regarding the merger and what users can expect from the updated version of our SuperDapp.

Merger Details: A Seamless Transition

The integration of Genesis with InceptionLRT involves a few critical transitions aimed at improving user experience and streamlining the services. The notable changes include:


  • Token Transformation GenesisLRT's native liquid restaking token, genETH, will now be known as inETH under the InceptionLRT banner. This change symbolizes the unified strength of the merged protocols while retaining the robust backend systems users have come to trust.

  • Point System Evolution GenesisLRT's Gems will transform into Totems, aligning with InceptionLRT's reward structures and providing users with a cohesive and rewarding experience.

  • TVL Consolidation The Total Value Locked (TVL) of Genesis will seamlessly merge into Inception, pooling resources and capabilities to enhance capital efficiency and security.

  • Simplifying Complexity With the merger, Genesis's referral program will be phased out. Moreover, liquidity pools across major DeFi protocols like Uniswap, Aura, Curve, and Balancer will also rebrand under the InceptionLRT ecosystem.

What InceptionLRT v2 Brings to the Table

Let us take a look at all the robust features that make InceptionLRT v2 the ideal choice for both seasoned and new DeFi users.

  • One-stop-shop for Liquid Restaking InceptionLRT v2 introduces a comprehensive approach to liquid restaking, enabling users to access both native and isolated restaking under the same platform.

unnamed.png Native and LST Restaking Options through Inception

  • High-Level Security By leveraging Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) from the SSV Network, InceptionLRT v2 significantly reduces risks associated with slashing and downtime. Platform reliability is also reinforced through a reputable network of tier-1 node operators and rigorous audits by leading security firms.

unnamed.png InceptionLRTs SSV Node Operator Clusters for DVT Integration

  • Omnichain Presence InceptionLRT v2 will have an even stronger presence across multiple leading blockchains thanks to our Bridge solution, enabling users to craft increasingly profitable and complex investment strategies.

  • Reward System The introduction of Eigenlayer Points and Totems as part of the reward system makes InceptionLRT v2 an attractive option for users looking to maximize the value of their investments.

  • Instant Liquidity (Coming Soon) The flash unstake feature will enable users to unstake their assets instantaneously. This provides increased flexibility for investment strategies, making it easier to respond to market conditions and opportunities.

A Visionary Future and Immediate Plans

The launch of InceptionLRT v2 is just the beginning. Plans to expand the services by deploying native tokens on EVM-compatible chains and extending support to L2 and L3 chains are already underway.

The expansion will be complemented by our xERC20-standard bridge, aimed at improving DeFi composability and reducing costs of moving assets between blockchain networks.

Another key feature to look forward to is the enhancement of the governance model through the veModel Framework. This model will empower future $ING token holders to actively participate in protocol development, fostering a more engaged and dynamic community.

Coming Soon

As we make the last preparations for the merger, our co-founder Pedro Verdades shared his excitement about the launch of InceptionLRT v2:

“In merging with GenesisLRT, we're not just combining forces, but synergizing our visions and expertise to forge an unparalleled Restaking powerhouse. This strategic step marks a pivotal moment in our journey, propelling InceptionLRT v2 to new heights of innovation and accessibility. - Infinite sum games”

We invite everyone to join us in this transformative journey. The updated version of our protocol has the potential to be a game changer, aggregating multiple restaking possibilities for a more inclusive and efficient DeFi space.

Follow our socials and stay tuned for more updates, including details about the upcoming token generation event and community airdrop, as InceptionLRT v2 redefines what it means to restake.

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