InceptionLRT Joins Mode’s Season 2 Airdrop

May 17, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mode for the upcoming Season 2 airdrop. This post covers all you need to know about Mode Season 2 and how our users will benefit from our relationship with Mode Network.

Running from May 5th to September 6th, Mode will distribute 500 million MODE tokens to the community. InceptionLRT will be a part of this campaign, allowing our users to earn Mode points and consequently be part of the Season 2 airdrop. Here’s all you need to know:

Mode Season 2 Overview

The main goal of Season 2 is to reward users and developers who help Mode evolve into a top-tier Layer 2 network and DeFi hub.

Key features of Mode Season 2 include:

1. Earning Points

  • Users gain points for holding assets on Mode, with multipliers for certain assets.
  • Points are tracked and reflected on the Mode Dashboard

2. dApps with Asset Multipliers

  • Points can be multiplied by adding assets to applications on the Mode Dashboard. Multiplier ranges from 2x to 5x depending on the asset and applications

3. MODE Staking Multipliers:

  • Staking MODE tokens provide a global multiplier on all activities. Staking more than 50% of the total asset value a 1.5x multiplier, and more than 25% yields a 1.25x multiplier

4. Transaction Fee Points

  • Users earn points for transaction fees paid on Mode, based on the gas spent on trading, swapping, staking, lending, and minting.

For more details, including how the point system and multipliers work, read the official Mode documentation on Season 2.

How to Participate with InceptionLRT

Here is how our community can become eligible for Mode’s airdrop through our ecosystem:

1. Restake ETH on InceptionLRT

unnamed.png (Source)

2. Bridge inETH to Mode

  • After Restaking, bridge your inETH to Mode Network through our platforms Bridge:

InceptionLRT Bridge

unnamed.png (Source)

3. Deploy Liquidity on KIM Exchange

  • Deploy your Liquidity on the KIM Exchange in order to maximize your participation in Modes Season 2 through InceptionLRT

unnamed.png (Source)

Why LP with KIM?

  • High Yields on ETH Holdings
  • Stack Mode Points for Season 2: Receive a 4x increase in Moed Points for Season 2
  • 15x Totems Boost: Increase your Totem gains by 15 times.
  • Keep all of your EigenLayer Points

Prepare to bump up your DeFi journey and maximize your benefits with InceptionLRT on Mode. Explore the chances today and begin stacking rewards!

Mode live on InceptionLRT's Omnichain Campaign

InceptionLRT has included to it's Omnichain Intract campaign Mode Network and its ecosystem, creating an extra avenue for rewards accrual.

This Intract quest will allow users to complete tasks and earn points in both InceptionLRT and Mode. The Mode points earned can be tracked on the Mode Dashboard, with multipliers available for various activities including MODE token locking, ecosystem tokens, and LP positions in new applications. On the other hand, Totems are also up for grabs!

Check out the Mode Intract quest page for more details! -> Omnichain Campaign: Mode Quest

Combining Restaking Rewards with Airdrop Opportunities

This latest collaboration with Mode amplifies the earning potential for our users while also contributing to the growth of both Modes and InceptionLRTs ecosystems.

We invite everyone to make the most out of the opportunities presented to compound their rewards and grow their portfolios.

Restake with InceptionLRT today and stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing and upcoming airdrops!

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