Why You Should Restake with InceptionLRT

June 07, 2024
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Crypto investors are always on the lookout for the most profitable and innovative staking opportunities. InceptionLRT stands out as a cutting-edge liquid restaking protocol keen on developing new benchmarks alongside advocating for key industry practices.

Designed for both seasoned and rookie Defi users, InceptionLRT offers a unique combination of advanced technology and user-friendly features, ensuring a secure, seamless, and highly rewarding restaking experience.

Here's why you should consider InceptionLRT as the go-to platform for restaking.

Unmatched Versatility with the First Restaking SuperDapp

InceptionLRT is pioneering as a Restaking SuperDapp in the EigenLayer ecosystem, providing comprehensive support for all 12 EigenLayer Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs).

-> Check all LST Restaking types on InceptionLRTs dApp

With both Native Ethereum restaking through its native inETH token, and Isolated Liquid Restaking, InceptionLRT v2 provides unmatched versatility, allowing users to select the restaking strategy that best suits their risk profile and investment goals.

As a unified platform, InceptionLRT simplifies user interaction by eliminating the need to navigate various platforms, resulting in a more fluid and efficient restaking experience. This makes InceptionLRT a one-stop shop for all of your restaking needs.

unnamed.png Restaking Solutions Offered by InceptionLRT (Source)

Increased Earnings through a Boosted Reward Structure

InceptionLRT offers a unique dual-layer reward system, allowing users to simultaneously earn natively from ETH or LST while being rewarded through their participation in the EigenLayer ecosystem.

In Isolated Liquid Restaking, the underlying asset gains staking rewards as well as additional rewards when restaked through InceptionLRT. On the other hand, native ETH Restaking involves staking and restaking ETH to get both native and EigenLayer rewards. This dual-layer approach considerably boosts overall yield, increasing investment returns beyond traditional staking incentives.

Apart from primary rewards, InceptionLRT users can also accumulate EigenLayer Points and Totems (InceptionLRT Points). Both these points count towards additional rewards from both ecosystems, increasing the possibility for earnings and encouraging greater involvement within the protocol.

Superior Security and Trust

Security is paramount in DeFi, but especially critical for Restaking. With security always as a priority, InceptionLRT has integrated Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) from SSV-Network with industry-leading node operators, ensuring high operational stability and reducing risks such as slashing events. To further decentralize operations and increase network resilience, InceptionLRT has structured its node operators into three distinct clusters.

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The platform has also been rigorously audited by top-tier blockchain security firms in Veridise and Halborn, confirming its robust security measures. Check out the recent Audit undergone to our Bridge solution:

-> InceptionLRT Bridge Cleared by Top Security Audits

Furthermore, our Isolated liquid restaking solution highlights our commitment to following industry best practices for security. Contrary to other approaches, such as basket-based solutions offered by protocols like KelpDAO and Puffer Finance, which carry aggregated risks.

For more information about Isolated Liquid Restaking, visit our blog post about the topic:

-> Isolated Liquid Restaking Tokens (iLRTs): All you need to know

Seamless Omnichain Functionality

Through our xERC-20 standard bridge, InceptionLRT facilitates smooth and efficient Cross-chain transactions of Inception LRTs to networks such as BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Linea, and many more.

-> Discover our Bridge Feature Today

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This omnichain functionality reduces friction for users while bettering the overall restaking experience by integrating various blockchain ecosystems, opening up more earning opportunities through cumulative Defi participation.

Industry-Leading Native APR

InceptionLRT stands out by providing market-leading native Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) derived from its Dual-layered structure and sustainable operational model. This approach maximizes returns while ensuring the integrity and reliability of the protocol.

While countless other protocols offer higher APRs, users need to be aware that many of them rely on unsustainable models. While these protocols may offer enticing APRs, they are often paid in less credible tokens that must be quickly liquidated due to their instability.

We recommend that our users always be on the lookout for Red flags like these and be extra suspicious when encountering these highly profitable staking opportunities. To be on the safe side, stick to InceptionLRT which is dedicated to offering industry's best Native rewards while preserving security and usability.


InceptionLRT represents a significant leap forward in the Restaking space, integrating Isolated and native restaking into a unified, secure, and user-focused solution.

By choosing us, Restakers can enjoy an enriched experience. Our platform is exceptionally reliable, profitable, and easy to navigate, making it the obvious go-to solution for restaking.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the world of DeFi, InceptionLRT is your home for restaking. Join InceptionLRT today and be part of the future of liquid restaking

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