InceptionLRT Monthly Highlights - June 2024

June 28, 2024
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unnamed.png June has been a bustling month for us, marked by significant integrations, campaigns, and strategic expansions. We have continued our efforts to deliver top-tier solutions, enabling our users to explore prime market opportunities and maximize their asset yields. Our drive for innovation in the Liquid Restaking domain is fueled by a deep understanding of our users’ needs and a dedication to offering the most personalized Restaking solutions available.

Additionally, we will be sharing relevant metrics that showcase how our protocol is maturing and growing in terms of usage. Despite the recent downturn in the market, our protocol has experienced growth in Total Value Locked (TVL) of $ETH during the month of June. Such robustness to market downturns can be explained by our emphasis on user-centric development and customizable features that continue to distinguish us in the rapidly growing Restaking landscape.

So, without further ado, here’s a comprehensive overview of our key milestones for the month of June.

Expanding Horizons with Linea: The Surge Campaign Integration

June kicked off with an exciting collaboration as InceptionLRT integrated into Linea's much-anticipated The Surge Campaign.

This strategic move has elevated our visibility within the DeFi community, positioning us to capitalize on new market opportunities. The integration allows our users to leverage seamless benefits from their Inception LRTs and participate in Linea’s - The Surge airdrop campaign, fostering a more engaged and dynamic community.

unnamed.png Defi Integration on Linea for The Surge (Source)

Read more about our expansion to Surge:

-> InceptionLRT Partners with Linea for The Surge

Venturing into New Territory: Expansion to BNB Chain

Our journey into the BNB Chain ecosystem also marks a significant chapter in our expansion strategy.

By integrating with BNB Chain, InceptionLRT is tapping into one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the space, promising our users increased flexibility and access to a broader range of DeFi applications, such as Thena. This move is designed to unlock new possibilities for our users and solidify our footprint across all major layer 2 networks, ensuring our LRTs achieve maximum utility.

Check out how to leverage Inception LRTs to maximize your Rewards on BNB Chain, through Thena!

-> Thena LP Guide on BNB Chain

Bridging Gaps: Arbitrum & Optimism

In June, we also expanded our OmniChain solution with a bridge feature connecting to both Arbitrum and Optimism.

unnamed.png Bridge UI on InceptionLRT (Source)

This development is a leap forward in our commitment to providing a unified and efficient cross-chain user experience. Our users can now move assets across these leading layers with greater ease and security, paving the way for a truly interconnected DeFi ecosystem.

Explore our OmniChain bridging solution, through our xERC-20 Bridge:

-> Explore Inceptions Bridge

Strengthening Our Core: Monthly Metrics Highlight Growth in TVL

Reflecting on our growth metrics, June has shown a promising increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) on the Ethereum network. On June 23rd, our TVL reached an all-time high of 910 $ETH.

unnamed.png InceptionLRTs ETH TVL Growth in 2024 (Source)

This growth is a testament to the trust our community places in our brand, driving us to improve and innovate continuously. As we continue to build our user base and near the $1k ETH in TVL, we are committed to becoming the true Restaking SuperdApp.

View all the detailed metrics of InceptionLRT on DeFiLlama:

-> InceptionLRT Metrics o Defi Llama

Looking Ahead

As we conclude a successful month, we remain steadfast in our mission to revolutionize the restaking space with cutting-edge solutions that exceed our users’ expectations. Our commitment to understanding and meeting each user’s demands, and enabling them to explore the best opportunities, remains our top priority. Inception is designed for you—customize, adapt, and leverage it to suit your needs.

The upcoming months are planned to be jam-packed with new protocol features, community engagements, and strategic expansions that promise to not only better our protocol's, but to set new industry standards in the Liquid Restaking domain! We are enthusiastic about the path ahead and are committed to making InceptionLRT the most tailored solution for all your Restaking needs.

Here's to more growth, innovation, and success in the coming months!

-> Restake now with InceptionLRT and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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