Unlock DeFi Gold with InceptionLRT and BNB Chain

June 04, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with BNB Chain. Set to revolutionize how users interact with DeFi, this partnership is part of our ongoing efforts to boost rewards and increase liquidity across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Why BNB Chain?

Built for running smart contract-based applications, BNBChain is one of the leading Layer 1 blockchain. Known for its high throughput and low transaction costs, BNBChain is ideal for DeFi applications and serves as a robust platform for users seeking efficient and scalable blockchain solutions.

This collaboration with BNBChain marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards building a more interconnected and robust blockchain ecosystem. By joining forces with one of the largest and most dynamic blockchain networks globally, we will manage to broaden our reach while boosting our ability to provide users with cutting-edge solutions and substantial rewards.

How to Boost Rewards on BNB Chain

Here’s a step-by-step guide to maximize your rewards on BNB Chain through our new campaign:

1. Acquire inETH

Start depositing or restaking your Native Ethereum to obtain inETH.

unnamed.png (Source)

2. Bridge inETH to BNB Chain

Use our dedicated bridge to transfer your inETH or inwbETH to BNB Chain, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

unnamed.png (Source)

3. Provide Liquidity on Thena

Visit Thena and provide liquidity in the inETH/ETH pool!

-> Provide Liquidity to Inceptions inETH/ETH on Thena


Intract Campaign Quest

In addition to our initiative with BNBChain, our users will also be able to participate in the quest for BNB Chain on our Intract Omnichain Campaign.

This multi-chain campaign features a unique reward system where users can accumulate Intract XP points which will later on be translated to Totems.

This quest aims to foster increased engagement by offering multiple incentives for participation with both ecosystems. Take part on the quest with Inception today:

-> Intract Omnichain Campaign: BNB Heist


Join the Party Today

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your holdings and earn significant rewards through BNBChain and InceptionLRT.

Join us in this innovative journey and leverage the opportunities presented by InceptionLRT and BNBChain. Together, we are setting new standards in the Defi space.

Start by setting up your wallet and bridging your funds to the BNB network today.

For more information and detailed guides on how to maximize your points and rewards, stay tuned to our updates.

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