Mastering Restaking and Liquidity Provision through InceptionLRT

April 04, 2024
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Staying ahead in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector oftentimes means leveraging every available tool to maximize returns. Fortunately, that is exactly what we bring to the table.

Thanks to InceptionLRT’s innovative protocol, our users can safely take advantage of the best opportunities in DeFi with increased liquidity and flexibility. Our solutions open up avenues for higher yields through restaking rewards and yield farming while also significantly reducing risk exposure when compared to traditional basket-based Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs).

This blog post aims to demystify the processes of restaking assets and providing liquidity through InceptionLRT. We'll walk through each step, highlighting the benefits of multipliers and the potential gains from our referral program.

Restake Walkthrough

Before restaking on InceptionLRT, understanding the ecosystem and making informed decisions that compound your investments over time is important. Let's dive into how you can restake your assets effectively.

Step-by-Step Restaking

1 - Accessing the Platform: Start by navigating to the InceptionLRT Dapp. Ensure you have a wallet set up and ready to connect.

2 - Selecting Assets to Restake: Choose the asset you wish to restake. It's crucial to consider the asset's performance and potential before committing.

unnamed.png [1] - Inceptions Restaking Dashboard

3 - Deciding the Amount: Once you've selected your asset, decide on the amount you're comfortable with to restake.

unnamed.png [2] - Amount selection Dashboard for Restaking

4 - Confirming the Transaction: After deciding on the amount, confirm the transaction in your digital wallet. Keep an eye on transaction fees, which can vary based on network congestion.

5 - Monitoring Your Investment: Post-restake, monitor your portfolio performance through the platform's dashboard. This is where strategic insights come into play, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

unnamed.png [3] - Inceptions Portfolio Dashboard

Please remember that restaking is about long-term growth, not instant gratification. If you have any questions, join our community on Telegram. We have a dedicated support group that helps users take full advantage of our services.

Liquidity Provider Walkthrough

Providing liquidity is a cornerstone of DeFi platforms like InceptionLRT, enabling seamless asset exchange and earning potential through transaction fees. The process on InceptionLRT is designed to be user-friendly, even for those new to the liquidity provision scene.

How to Become a Liquidity Provider

1 - Choosing the Integration: Visit the DeFi section on InceptionLRT and select the integration for which you wish to provide liquidity. Each has its unique benefits and requirements.

unnamed.png [4] - Inceptions Defi Integrations Dashboard

2 - Selecting the Pool: After choosing the integration, pick the liquidity pool you want to join. Consider the assets in the pool, the pool's size, and potential rewards.

3 - Supplying Assets: Decide on the amount of each asset you're willing to supply to the pool. Balancing your contribution is key to optimizing returns.

4 - Approving and Confirming: Approve the transaction through your wallet, and once confirmed, you're officially a liquidity provider! You can now earn transaction fees and benefit from liquidity mining rewards.

Don't forget the ongoing x15 multiplier event, which significantly amplifies your earning potential. Users who participate in the event will receive Totems, which will serve as qualifiers for future rewards and incentives.

Referral Program

InceptionLRT's referral program is the final layer of your earning strategy. By inviting others to the platform, you can earn a percentage of the Totems of your referrals, creating an additional way to increase your rewards. It's a win-win, offering benefits for both the referrer and the referee.

unnamed.png [5] Inceptions Referral Program Dashboard

Embracing the Referral Program

1 - Getting Your Referral Link: Log into your InceptionLRT account and navigate to the referral section to find your unique referral link.

2 - Sharing Your Link: Share your referral link through social media, forums, or directly with friends and family interested in DeFi.

3 - Earning Rewards: Each time someone signs up through your link and completes transactions, you'll earn rewards. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance your investment strategy on InceptionLRT.

Closing Thoughts

InceptionLRT stands at the forefront of DeFi innovation, offering robust tools for restaking and liquidity provision.

By following this guide, you have maximized your investment strategy to ensure the most portfolio growth. The addition of multipliers and a referral program further elevates the potential gains, making InceptionLRT a platform worth exploring for any beginner or savvy investor in the DeFi space.

Join us on our journey towards a healthier DeFi ecosystem. Restake with InceptionLRT today!

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