Introducing ETHx Restaking on InceptionLRT

March 26, 2024
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InceptionLRT is thrilled to add ETHx restaking to our protocol, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Ethereum staking. This blog post delves into the core aspects of ETHx and highlights the unique value proposition of this collaboration.


  • InceptionLRT integrated ETHx by Stader, enhancing the Ethereum liquid staking token with more use cases.
  • Stader offers low-cost, high-reward staking via partnerships and a decentralized architecture.
  • The integration of ETHx expands staking utility, improves returns, and promotes decentralization in the Ethereum ecosystem.

InceptionLRT Welcomes ETHx

ETHx, developed by Stader, is a liquid staking token offering a transformative experience for Ethereum stakers. It provides the flexibility to utilize staked ETH while continuing to accumulate staking rewards, thus integrating seamlessly within the DeFi ecosystem​​.

By integrating ETHx into the InceptionLRT ecosystem, we can enhance our value proposition. It enables us to offer increasingly diversified and profitable staking opportunities to our users.

Here are some of the benefits offered by ETHx:

  • Continuous Staking Rewards: ETHx ensures Ethereum assets remain liquid, enabling continuous earning on your staked assets without locking them away.

  • DeFi Integration: It extends opportunities for users to participate in yield farming, lending, and other DeFi activities, further enhancing the potential for additional rewards.

  • Decentralization and Scalability: At its core, ETHx is a scalable, decentralized staking solution, contributing significantly to the decentralization of the Ethereum network​​.

About Stader

Stader brings to the table a vision of low-cost, high-reward, and secure Ethereum staking. By partnering with strategic node infrastructure entities like Allnodes and Avado, Stader has significantly lowered the barriers to entry for ETHx node operations.

unnamed.png [1] - Stader Metrics (Source)

The protocol makes it possible for ETHx validators to operate a node for as low as $5 per month, with scalability options to suit their needs. Rewards of up to 1M $SD tokens are allocated for node operators, thus fostering a rewarding ecosystem for participants.

Stader's multi-pool architecture, including both permissionless and permissioned pools, ensures a decentralized, scalable, and resilient node operation for ETHx​​.

Prioritizing Security

Stader is known for its enhanced security. ETHx's smart contracts have undergone rigorous triple audits by leading firms Sigma Prime and Halborn, among others, ensuring a secure and reliable protocol​​. Additionally, the team has also instituted a $1M bug bounty program through Immunefi to further ensure protocol security.

Bringing Forth a New Era of Ethereum Staking

With the integration of ETHx restaking on InceptionLRT, users now have the unprecedented opportunity to leverage their assets even further. This collaboration not only expands the utility of ETHx but also solidifies InceptionLRT's position in the staking ecosystem, offering our users enhanced returns and contributing to the greater decentralization of Ethereum staking.

We invite everyone to explore our vast offerings and restake their ETH with us. As we continue to innovate and expand our services, InceptionLRT remains dedicated to providing secure, accessible, and rewarding staking solutions.

Join us in this exciting journey and take advantage of the opportunities presented by ETHx restaking.

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