InceptionLRT Mainnet Launch: Waitlist Opens on January 29th

January 29, 2024
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Mainnet_Launch_Cover.png InceptionLRT is excited to announce the official launch of our mainnet, accompanied by the "Waitlist" program, starting January 29th. This event introduces our unique Isolated Liquid Restaking Tokens (iLRTs), our new dynamic rewards system, and a dual-layer yield mechanism, with major benefits for users.


  • InceptionLRT Mainnet launches January 29th, marking a new era in DeFi with the "Waitlist" program.

  • The Waitlist offers early registration for asset restaking, priority queueing, and automated transitions post-EigenLayer cap lift.

  • Restake various LSTs and receive corresponding iLRTs for each, enhancing transparency and tailored risk management.

  • Earn yields from LSTs and additional rewards post-AVS activation, with security ensured by trusted node operators.

  • Accumulate Inception Totems and EigenLayer Restaked Points to position yourself for the $ING airdrop, and utilize iLRTs across diverse DeFi platforms.

The InceptionLRT Mainnet and the Waitlist

InceptionLRT is excited to unveil the first phase of our mainnet deployment, commencing January 29th. As a pioneering platform in this burgeoning DeFi niche, this deployment represents a huge milestone in our journey.

With the imminent deployment of the InceptionLRT mainnet, users will be able to restake their liquid staking tokens (LSTs) on our platform and engage in EigenLayer’s restaking ecosystem. This means that our users will be able to start accruing two layers of rewards on their ETH tokens while remaining capital-efficient by minting a liquid restaking token (LRT).

To facilitate a smooth transition to our mainnet, we are launching a 'waitlist' on January 29th. Joining this waitlist provides early access to our platform, ensuring a seamless experience for those eager to maximize the potential of their tokens.

By joining in this early registration phase, users not only secure early access to restake their LSTs but also gain an advantageous position in the EigenLayer capacity lift. This ensures a smooth, secure transition and early adoption advantages. We are proud to be at the forefront of this new DeFi solution and look forward to having you join us on this exciting journey.

Mainet_Launch_1.png InceptionLRT releases its Waitlist on January 29th.

Introducing Isolated Liquid Restaking Tokens (iLRTs)

InceptionLRT will introduce liquid restaking services by offering an iLRT (isolated Liquid Restaking Token) solution. This approach ensures that for each LST integrated into our platform, there's a corresponding LRT. The 1:1 pairing guarantees clear transparency and provides a tailored risk profile for each type of token used in the restaking process.

What this means for our users is straightforward: when you restake your LST with us, you'll receive an equivalent LRT, maintaining a one-to-one relationship. This is part of our commitment to align with the EigenLayer framework, which currently supports 12 different LST products.

To give you a clearer picture, InceptionLRT will offer a diverse range of LRT options corresponding to various LSTs. These include:

In total, we will support 11 distinct LSTs, plus an additional LST (soon to be announced), each with its dedicated iLRT, ensuring a wide range of options for our users. For a detailed understanding of each LST and its corresponding iLRT, we invite you to explore our comprehensive deep dive into the offerings onboarded on our platform. This will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your restaking choices with InceptionLRT.

Earn with Inception Totems and EigenLayer Points

Users who join the InceptionLRT "Waitlist" and start restaking with our protocol will also begin accumulating InceptionLRT Totems. These Totems will represent the accumulated points for your engagement with our protocol, which will later reward you with an airdrop of Inception's governance token, $ING.

Furthermore, once EigenLayer lifts the current LST caps, users will also start accruing additional EigenLayer’s Restaked Points, which are a measure of each user's total restaking contribution.

Inception's restakers will be able to monitor the accumulation of both their Totems and EigenLayer Restaked Points directly from our dashboard.

Benefits of Restaking Your Liquid Staking Tokens

Considering that EigenLayer is still on the second stage testnet, users that opt to participate in this stage, will only accrue the yield from the correspondent LST they restake, and earn InceptionLRT Totems and EigenLayer Points. Once stage 2 testnet concludes, and EigenLayer’s first actively validated service (AVS) is deployed on Ethereum’s mainnet, users will start accruing their second layer of yield corresponding to the fees generated from it.

Here you find one of the advantages of joining the InceptionLRT Waitlist. Once this AVS is deployed, InceptionLRT restakers can rest assured that their investment will be carefully allocated to the best node operators.

At InceptionLRT we employ a curated list of node operators to ensure our users receive the best possible yields. These carefully selected operators are known for their reliability, performance, and contribution to the ecosystem, thereby complementing our yield distribution strategy.

Why Join The InceptionLRT Waitlist?

The restaking collective is gaining traction at a tremendous speed. EigenLayer is slowly establishing its market position, having already reached the top 10 protocols with the most value locked within Ethereum’s ecosystem.

By joining InceptionLRT Waitlist, you will secure your position in the restaking collective before the rush post-cap lift. This means that you will be among the first users to benefit from the dual-layered yield system.

Moreover, by participating in the restaking ecosystem you will be cumulatively receiving both InceptionLRT Totems and EigenLayer Points, which can lead to extra rewards and benefits like the $ING airdrop.

Lastly, by restaking with InceptionLRT, you will be able to use your iLRTs across various platforms, maintaining liquidity and expanding your investment horizons.

The Road Ahead for InceptionLRT Users

The “Waitlist” launch is the beginning of the InceptionLRT users’ journey. We're committed to continuous innovation, with plans to introduce more features, DeFi integrations, and opportunities to maximize the potential of your digital assets.

Embrace the future of DeFi with InceptionLRT. Join the Waitlist on January 29th and be a part of the restaking revolution!

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