InceptionLRT Unveils Restaking for WBETH by Binance

March 13, 2024
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InceptionLRT is thrilled to announce a significant advancement in our platform: the ability to restake Wrapped Beacon ETH (WBETH). This strategic move diversifies the options available to our users and strengthens our ties with Binance.


  • InceptionLRT now supports restaking of WBETH, providing users with enhanced rewards and flexibility.
  • WBETH is a liquidity staking token issued by Binance that accrues value, where 1 WBETH represents 1 ETH along with the accumulated staking rewards.
  • Restaking WBETH on InceptionLRT allows users to mint our corresponding liquid restaking token, inwbETH.

Collaborating with an Industry Leader

Binance's influence in the cryptocurrency space cannot be overstated. As one of the largest and most influential exchanges, their involvement in supporting WBETH and other Liquid Staking Tokens is a testament to the growing acceptance and importance of these financial instruments.

By providing a robust and diverse ecosystem for traders and investors, Binance plays a vital role in the democratization and expansion of blockchain technologies.

Thanks to this latest integration of WBETH into our ecosystem, InceptionLRT is furthering its services and establishing itself as a key player in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and restaking sector.

Understanding WBETH: A Gateway to Enhanced Ethereum Staking

WBETH is a liquidity staking token that encapsulates the value of staked Ethereum along with the accrued staking rewards since its inception.

This innovative approach to staking allows WBETH holders to engage with various DeFi protocols outside of Binance and participate in Binance's offerings, all while continuing to receive corresponding Ethereum staking rewards.

unnamed.png [1] - WBETH use Cases (Source)

The conversion mechanism for WBETH allows for a 1:1 swap from BETH to WBETH, reflecting the dynamic nature of staking rewards and their potential to increase the value of WBETH over time.

About Binance

Binance, founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), rapidly evolved to become one of the world's premier platforms for digital currency trading.

The company’s evolution from a startup to the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange is a testament to the strategic vision, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of innovation by its team.

As it continues to expand its footprint globally, Binance remains at the forefront of the digital finance revolution, offering a broad range of services to its users and contributing significantly to the crypto industry's growth.

The Impact of Joining Forces with Binance

The integration of WBETH restaking on InceptionLRT is a landmark achievement for our platform. It underscores our commitment to providing innovative and user-centric staking solutions.

We're excited to offer this new restaking feature to our users and to contribute to the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and DeFi. WBETH restaking on InceptionLRT is more than just a new service—it's a step forward in connecting diverse blockchain ecosystems and offering more dynamic and profitable staking opportunities to our users.

We invite everyone to explore our platform and join us in this new era of cryptocurrency investment. Visit InceptionLRT and see how our restaking options can enhance your investment strategies.

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