InceptionLRT Teams Up with Blast for its Upcoming Airdrop

May 20, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that InceptionLRT is partnering with Blast to broaden its airdrop campaign. The collaboration aims to integrate users within the Blast ecosystem, leveraging new features and rewarding user participation with enticing rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the airdrop and how you can maximize your results.

What is the Blast Airdrop?

The Blast Campaign prior to its airdrop is a strategic initiative aimed at boosting liquidity and user engagement, supporting new applications and DeFi use cases that contribute to a robust and dynamic financial landscape.

The campaign is structured into several phases, each with its unique challenges, educational content, and rewards. It uses a point-based system where participants can earn rewards by engaging in various activities that help grow the ecosystem.

Point Structure

The airdrop campaign is divided between Blast Points (50%) and Blast Gold (50%).

1 - Earning Blast Points

  • Wallet Balance Your wallet automatically earns Points for each block based on your balance of ETH/WETH/USDB. These points accrue in real-time and can be tracked on your Airdrop dashboard.

Enhance your Points by bridging additional assets to Blast. Your Points will also naturally increase as your wallet balance grows due to the native yield on Blast—approximately 4% for ETH/WETH and 5% for USDB.

  • Referral Earn an additional 16% on the Points your invites earn, and 8% on the Points earned by your invite’s invites. The more your network bridges, the more Points you accumulate.

  • Interacting with dApps dApps accrue Points at the same rate as wallets based on their total value locked (TVL). When you transfer assets to dApps, they start earning Points, which should ideally be distributed back to you through integration with the Blast Points API.

  • Earning Multipliers Multipliers are powerful tools that enhance your Points balance and rate. If you have 100 Points earning 20 Points per hour, a 2x Multiplier doubles both your Points and rate of accumulation. These Multipliers are detailed on the Airdrop page and are linked to specific Dapp interactions.

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2 - Earning Blast Gold

  • dApps Blast Gold is intended to fuel dApps growth. Gold distribution occurs every 2-3 weeks, and you can check recipients on the [Airdrop page]8

  • Referral Similarly to Points, inviting users who actively use dApps can significantly boost your Gold earnings by 16% for direct invites and 8% for secondary invites.

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How to Participate with InceptionLRT

Here is a step-by-step approach to participating in the campaign:

1 - Deposit Assets: Begin by depositing inETH into InceptionLRT or mint some with your ETH if you haven’t already!

2 - Bridge Funds: Transfer your inETH to the Blast network using our Bridge feature.

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3 - Add Liquidity: Provide Liquidity on Thruster using inETH

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Why Participate through InceptionLRT?

  • High Yields: Make significant returns on your inETH holdings
  • Blast Points and Gold: Earn both Gold and Blast points, optimizing your position for the Blast Airdrop.
  • Thruster Points and Hyper Points: Earn 2 extra avenues of points, through Hyper Points and Thruster Points.
  • Totems: If 5 reward streams weren’t enough, you will also be collecting InceptionLRT's Totems!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your holdings and maximize your rewards through this collaborative campaign with Blast!

Blast Joins InceptionLRT’s Omnichain Campaign

InceptionLRT is gearing up for the Blast quest as part of the ongoing Omnichain Intract campaign. This campaign is currently active in several different chains each with its own set of tasks.

In the upcoming Blast quest, you will be able to collect Totems, Blast Points or Gold by accomplishing certain tasks. Keep an eye out for further details and how you can maximize your rewards during our Omnichain Intract campaign!

Have a Blast!

Join us in this groundbreaking journey with Blast and InceptionLRT. Start by setting up your wallet and bridging your funds to participate in these exciting campaigns.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guides on how to gather more points and rewards. For more information on the Blast network and the campaign, access Blast's official documentation.

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