InceptionLRT Introduces Flash Unstake: Unlock Your Assets Instantly

July 09, 2024
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InceptionLRT is thrilled to announce the release of its first-of-it-kind Flash Unstake feature, which is set to redefine liquidity management in the Restaking industry. This new feature offers a more predictable, cost-effective, and scalable liquidity solution for restaking, eliminating market inefficiencies while setting a new industry standard.

Immediate liquidity is essential to the smooth functioning of Decentralized Applications (dApps). However, typical unstaking processes often involve lengthy unbonding periods, which locks up users' assets and reduces capital efficiency. InceptionLRT's Flash Unstake feature aims to tackle this challenge head-on.

Overview of the Flash Unstake Module

The Flash Unstake feature provides InceptionLRT users immediate access to their restaked assets, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Here are the key benefits of this new module:

Immediate Liquidity

Flash Unstake allows users to immediately convert their restaked assets to their original state. This capability allows users to access their position immediately by bypassing the conventional unbonding period associated with unstaking, which in case of EigenLayer is a 7-day delay.

unnamed.png Eigenlayer docs on the 7-day withdrawal period (Source)

Increased Flexibility

Users benefit from Flash Unstake since it increases asset management flexibility. This feature allows swift portfolio adjustments in response to changing market conditions. Whether reallocating funds to more profitable opportunities or immediately abandoning positions to mitigate risk, the ability to instantly unstake assets gives you a substantial advantage in the dynamic market of Defi.

Improved User Experience

The convenience of Flash Unstake greatly improves the overall user experience. By providing instant liquidity, users can trust that their assets are always accessible when needed. This predictability boosts trust in the overall protocol, allowing more users to engage in Restaking.

Cost-Effective Liquidity

The Flash Unstake module provides a predictable and scalable liquidity solution while reducing inefficiencies associated with traditional DeFi liquidity provisioning. This feature ensures that liquidity is available without the high costs and slippage sometimes found in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). By offering a fixed-rate converting option, eliminates slippage, ensuring users receive the full value of their assets without unexpected losses.

Market Competitiveness

By Integrating Flash Unstake, InceptionLRT establishes a new standard for restaking. This innovation makes InceptionLRT’s Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) the most liquid on the market, bringing in more users and visibility to the protocol.

Detailed Mechanics of Flash Unstake

The Flash Unstake feature is achieved by using a fixed-rate conversion approach, which ensures that users receive the full value of their assets.

When a user begins a Flash Unstake request, the protocol uses a pool of liquid assets set aside specifically for this operation. This pool is kept at a specific liquidity level to accommodate varying demands. Users can convert their Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) directly to Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) in minutes, giving them quick access to their funds.

InceptionLRT’s Flash Unstake is designed to provide scalable liquidity, which is initially limited to 5% of the total deposited tokens in InceptionLRT’s Liquid Restaking Solutions. This feature scales with the protocol’s Total Value Locked (TVL), allowing it to accommodate varying levels of demand and ensuring that the liquidity remains sustainable as the protocol grows.

Dynamic Fee Structure

The fee structure for Flash Unstake is intended to be dynamic and responsive to the amount of ETH unstaked. This ensures that the costs remain fair and consistent, adjusting according to the volume of assets involved in the transaction. Here are the different senários that could play out:

  • Initial Fee: When the pool's liquidity is abundant, the fee starts at a base rate, providing users with cost-effective liquidity.

  • Rising Demand: As more ETH is unstaked and the pool's liquidity drops, the fee rises to prevent excessive withdrawals and preserve stability.

  • Stabilization: Once the unstaked amount reaches a higher threshold, the fee stabilizes at an ideal rate, ensuring the pool can support high volumes of transactions without depleting its resources.


This dynamic fee structure ensures gas fee-optimized rebalancing of the flash unstake pool by rewarding deposits to restore the pool's desired liquidity level.

Example of the Flash Unstake Process

Let’s imagine a users wishes to Flash Unstake 250 ETH. They initiate the transaction through the InceptionLRT platform, which promptly converts their Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) to ETH or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs). Here’s the how the process would unroll:

  • Fee Calculation: For the 250 ETH, a fee of 0.5% (1.25 ETH) is applied. This fee is split equally, with 0.625 ETH supporting the protocol and 0.625 ETH rewarding new restakers.

  • Transaction Execution: The user receives 248.75 ETH instantly, bypassing the traditional 7-day unbonding period associated with EigenLayer.

Once the unstaking is complete, there’s a need to replenish the Flash Unstaking pool for further requests. To achieve this, new restakers are incentivized to restake on InceptionLRt’s platform.

For example, if a user contributes with 400 ETH, the first 250 ETH receive an additional incentives derived from the 0.5% Flash Unstaking fee, since these funds will directly help replenish the flash unstake pool. This mechanism encourages further participation and helps Liquid Restaking Token (LRTs) prices stay competitive with Decentralized Exchanges.

Empowering Your Restaking Journey Since Inception

InceptionLRT's Flash Unstake module is an important leap in the Restaking industry, providing customers with rapid liquidity, improved flexibility, and a better user experience.

Several protocols still lack an unstake feature for Restaked positions, but InceptionLRT is leading the way by not only offering the unstake feature from Day 1 of its mainnet launch, but bringing the liquid restaking liquidity to a new level with a fully embedded flash unstake module as part of all InceptionLRT’s Liquid Restaking Solutions, making InceptionLRT’s LRTs the most liquid on the market.

Experience first hand the benefits of instant liquidity with Flash Unstake. Visit the Inception dApp today and start maximizing your rewards with unmatched flexibility and security. Join us in revolutionizing the Restaking landscape!

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