Announcing mETH Restaking on InceptionLRT: A Gateway to Enhanced Ethereum Staking

March 14, 2024
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We're thrilled to unveil a significant enhancement to our platform: the ability to restake mETH, Mantle’s liquid staking token, on InceptionLRT.


  • InceptionLRT introduces the ability to restake mETH, Mantle's liquid staking token, enhancing the Ethereum staking experience within the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Mantle LSP (Liquid Staking Protocol) offers a non-custodial, permissionless liquid staking solution through the Mantle Network, a Layer 2 solution aimed at reducing fees and enhancing scalability on Ethereum.
  • Mantle LSP highlights include a targeted APY of 6.36% for mETH staking, comprehensive security audits, wide adoption across various DeFi platforms, and a governance model centered on community and decentralized governance through its DAO structure.

Groundbreaking collaboration with Mantle

Integrating mETH, one of the top liquid staking tokens, into our protocol represents a leap forward in how we engage with Ethereum staking and, by extension, the broader DeFi ecosystem.

The issuer of mETH, Mantle LSP, is ranked as the 4th largest liquid staking protocol, boasting an impressive $2,12 billion in TVL (Total Value Locked).

In this blogpost, we explore the fundamental elements of mETH and the Mantle ecosystem, emphasizing their groundbreaking contributions to the staking ecosystem and the critical role these components serve within our platform.

Introducing mETH & Mantle: Pioneering Liquid Staking

Launched with the vision of providing a non-custodial, permissionless liquid staking protocol, Mantle LSP was designed to disrupt the status quo dominated by concentrated providers.

By offering mETH, Mantle LSP diversifies the liquid staking solutions available, allowing users to stake ETH and receive mETH tokens, which represent their stake. This approach aims to democratize access to staking rewards, ensuring participation in consensus without the need for centralized intermediaries​​.

Both mETH and its liquid staking protocol (Mantle LSP) are part of the Mantle Network, a Layer 2 solution that takes a modular approach to lowers fees and bring super-scalability to Ethereum.

Key Highlights of Mantle LSP

  • High Yield: Stake your ETH for mETH and enjoy a targeted APY of 6.36% for at least two months. This rate is a highly competitive offering in the liquid staking space​​.

unnamed.png [1] - Mantle mETH metrics (Source)

  • Security and Trust: Mantle's commitment to security is evident in its comprehensive audit by reputable firms and the governance structure under the Mantle Security Council. This rigorous approach to security ensures the integrity and resilience of the staking process​​.

  • Wide Adoption and Integration: mETH is rapidly gaining traction, with integration across various DeFi applications and exchanges. This widespread adoption underscores mETH's potential as a liquid staking solution that bridges the Ethereum staking experience with the broader DeFi ecosystem​​.

  • Community and Governance: Mantle operates as a DAO, prioritizing decentralized governance and community engagement. The involvement of the Mantle community in decision-making processes ensures that mETH evolves in alignment with its users' needs and the broader Ethereum ecosystem​​​​.

Restake mETH on InceptionLRT

InceptionLRT now allows you to restake mETH, harnessing the innovative features and robust security framework of the Mantle protocol. This integration enhances the utility of mETH while also positioning InceptionLRT as a key player in the staking industry.

We invite our community to be part of this transformative journey with Mantle and InceptionLRT. By restaking mETH on our platform, investors are contributing to a more accessible, secure, and decentralized financial ecosystem.

Explore InceptionLRT and embark on a rewarding staking experience that sets new standards in liquidity and yield.

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