Announcing ankrETH Restaking on InceptionLRT

March 22, 2024
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We're thrilled to announce the integration of ankrETH restaking on InceptionLRT.


  • InceptionLRT has partnered with Ankr, a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, to enable the restaking of ankrETH, a premier liquid staking token.
  • Ankr is known for its high-performance infrastructure, supporting over 9+ tokens and ensuring security for its 18k+ staking userbase, with a total value locked (TVL) of $107M across multiple chains.
  • The new restaking feature on InceptionLRT enables ankrETH holders to enjoy increased liquidity, flexibility, and higher returns.

InceptionLRT’s new collaboration

It is a privilege for InceptionLRT to be joining forces with Ankr, one of the leading Web3 infrastructure protocols. This milestone is part of our continuous effort to enhance the staking experience and provide our community with innovative and flexible staking options.

Before diving into the specifics of restaking on InceptionLRT, let's explore ankrETH and Ankr, highlighting their core features and achievements.

Introducing ankrETH and Ankr: Revolutionizing Ethereum Staking

Ankr operates as a pivotal infrastructure provider in the Web3 space, offering a suite of services that include high-performance multichain RPC, liquid staking solutions, and advanced APIs for developers. Ankr's technology empowers users to stake assets across multiple chains, supporting over 9+ tokens and ensuring security for its 18,000+ users​​.

Here are the main highlights of the Ankr protocol:

  • Global Infrastructure: Ankr's Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) ensures the fastest and most reliable Web3 experiences, handling 8 billion daily RPC requests across more than 30 global regions​​.

unnamed.png [1] - Ankr DePIN Metrics (Source)

  • Comprehensive Staking Solutions: With $107M in TVL, Ankr supports staking across multiple chains, offering seamless experiences and integrations for users and developers alike​​.

  • Innovative Web3 Services: From scalable sidechains and rollups to automated smart contract functions, Ankr is at the forefront of technological advancement in the blockchain domain​​.

ankrETH: Your Ticket to Liquid Staking

ankrETH is Ankr's Ethereum liquid staking solution, addressing the liquidity issue present in traditional staking methods.

With ankrETH, holders can enjoy the benefits of staking rewards in addition to instant liquidity through portable, accessible Liquid Staking tokens​​. This innovation not only enhances liquidity but also opens up various avenues for users to engage with DeFi ecosystems, from providing liquidity on DEXs to earning additional rewards through yield farming​​.

Restaking on InceptionLRT: A New Horizon

The integration of ankrETH marks a significant leap forward in our platform's capabilities, allowing users to restake their ankrETH and delegate deposits to operators, thus enhancing their staking flexibility and potential returns​​.

This integration not only expands the utility of ankrETH within the InceptionLRT ecosystem but also solidifies our commitment to providing users with the most advanced and user-friendly staking solutions on the market.

Restaking ankrETH on InceptionLRT is more than just a transaction—it's a step towards a more liquid, flexible, and rewarding blockchain ecosystem. We invite all our users to explore this new feature and maximize their staking potential.

Restake now with InceptionLRT!

Together, let's embark on this exciting journey towards unlocking the full potential of your staked assets.

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