A Deep Dive into Rocket Pool and rETH

March 06, 2024
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Rocket Pool is a pioneering Ethereum staking protocol notable for its commitment to community ownership, decentralization, and trustlessness. Currently, it is the second largest liquid staking protocol with a TVL of roughly $4,5 billion.


  • Rocket Pool has made Ethereum staking accessible to a broader audience, enabling investors to stake as little as 0.01 ETH.
  • The liquid staking token of Rocket Pool, rETH, represents the staked ETH plus rewards from the Beacon Chain, priority fees, and MEV rewards.
  • Built upon the principles of decentralization and community ownership, Rocket Pool is governed by token holders through a DAO.
  • InceptionLRT users can restake rETH and in exchange mint inrETH, the LRT counterpart on our platform.

Democratizing Ethereum Staking through Rocket Pool

Established in late 2016 and officially going live in October 2021, Rocket Pool has set itself apart by making Ethereum staking accessible to a broader audience. It allows users to participate in Ethereum's Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism with as little as 0.01 ETH, a stark contrast to the traditional requirement of staking 32 ETH directly on the Beacon Chain​​.

Rocket Pool simplifies the staking process through its innovative model that requires node operators to stake only 8 or 16 ETH, complemented by ETH from the staking pool to form a minipool, equivalent to a standard validator on the Beacon Chain. This minipool system democratizes access to Ethereum staking, ensuring a decentralized and efficient process managed entirely by Rocket Pool's smart contracts​​.

Rocketpool_framework.png [1] - RocketPool Staking Protocol Componentes (Source)

rETH: One of the Most Used Liquid Staking Tokens

The protocol introduces rETH, a token that represents staked ETH along with accrued rewards. This includes earnings from the Beacon Chain, priority fees, and MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) rewards.

The value of rETH is expected to increase over time relative to ETH, providing a compelling case for Ethereum investors and participants looking for a liquid staking solution. The unique mechanism of Rocket Pool allows for flexible participation in the ecosystem, as users can acquire rETH not just from Rocket Pool directly but also through secondary markets like decentralized exchanges​​.

Governance Structure

Rocket Pool's emphasis on decentralization extends to its governance structure, which involves a Protocol DAO and an Oracle Node DAO, ensuring that no single entity controls the network. This aligns with Ethereum's decentralized ethos, providing a robust foundation for the protocol's operations and future development​​.

InceptionLRT Integrating Restaking through Rocket Pool

InceptionLRT is proud to integrate Rocket Pool in our ecosystem. This development broadens the utility and acceptance of rETH, enabling our users to take advantage of InceptionLRT restaking services to repurpose their LST.

Welcoming a protocol of Rocket Pool’s magnitude is an important feature for InceptionLRT, enabling our protocol to onboard a big player in the staking industry, which positions one step closer to our goal of becoming the number one LRT solution in the market.

As we continue to expand our line of staking services and establish new standards in accessibility, we invite everyone to join us and take advantage of rETH restaking by visiting our platform!

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